Keeping your caravan safe and secure

Fit a security device to ensure your touring caravan or trailer remains safe when not in use.

By design touring caravans, trailer tents and trailers are mobile and they are built to be towed and moved from location to location. Touring caravans, trailer tents and trailers are a considerable investment and are often worth many thousands of pounds. So taking some basic security measures is important and can reduce the risk that your caravan or trailer is stolen.

Fitted security devices provide one of the best forms of security for caravans and trailers. Wheel clamps and hitch locks provide a visual deterrent and as long as they are fitted correctly a robust security device will make it much harder for a thief to steal your caravan or trailer and tow it away. Check out our guide to the ‘Top 5 Caravan Security Devices’
When purchasing a new touring caravan from a dealership most dealerships will offer the option to have a built in security device fitted, e.g. a GPS tracker system or a monitored alarm system. These high tech connected caravan security systems provide extra peace of mind that if your caravan is stolen or broken into you will get instant notifications and will be able to inform the police as soon as possible. If your caravan is older you can still get a connected alarm or tracker fitted directly by the alarm or tracker manufacturer or fit yourself trackers and alarms