Keeping your caravan safe and secure

By design touring caravans, trailer tents and trailers are mobile and they are built to be towed and moved from location to location. Touring caravans, trailer tents and trailers are a considerable investment and are often worth many thousands of pounds. So taking some basic security measures is important and can reduce the risk that your caravan or trailer is stolen. Here are some of the best caravan security measures you can take:

Fit caravan security devices to prevent theft

Fitted security devices provide one of the best forms of security for caravans and trailers. Wheel clamps and hitch locks provide a visual deterrent and as long as they are fitted correctly. Using robust security devices will make it much harder for a thief to target and steal your caravan or trailer. Check out our guide ‘The Top 5 Caravan Security Devices’

Fit a caravan tracker or alarm system

If you are purchasing a new touring caravan from a dealership you often have the option to have a built in security device fitted: GPS tracker systems or monitored alarm systems act as a deterrent and help you locate and retrieve your caravan if it is stolen. GPS trackers and modern alarms can provide connected monitoring, providing instant notifications via text messaging if your caravan or trailer is moved without authorisation.

If your caravan is older you can still have a connected alarm or GPS tracker fitted directly by the alarm or tracker manufacturer. Some systems are easy fit, so if you are good with DIY why not buy an off the self system and fit it yourself 

CASSOA Secure caravan storage sitesStore at a secure caravan storage facility

The UK has numerous caravan and motorhome storage sites. CaSSOA The ‘Caravan Storage Site Owners Association’ is a network of physically certified secure caravan and motorhome storage facilities. Certified storage facilities are awarded either a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze rating based on the sites integration of security features including: entry and exit barriers, CCTV, alarms, perimeter fencing, undercover storage plus other features like onsite security guards. Search CaSSOA caravan and motorhome secure storage sites near you >>