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Ripe Touring Caravan Insurance

Ripe - touring caravan insurance quote

Cover options 

Choice of cover 
Amazing £0 excess
AVIVA underwritten

Insurance for touring caravans

New for old cover – up to 15 years from new. 
Overall value – insured for up to £75,000
Loss or damage – accidents, theft & damage as standard.
Public liability – £2 to £5 million.
Customisable policy with added options


Up to 50% discount  subject to conditions, including NO claims

Trustpilot Rating 4.85 stars: Excellent

Caravan Guard Touring Caravan Insurance

Cover options 

Choice of cover 
Low £75 excess

Insurance for touring caravans

New for old cover – up to 15 years. 
Loss or damage – fire, flood or theft.
Accidental damage – covering body, panels, windows and frame. 
Public liability – up to £2.5 million. 
European use – (180 or 240 with extended use cover).


Up to 25% NO claims
15% Tracker fitted 
10% CaSSOA Silver / Gold stored vans.

Trustpilot Rating 4.8

Eversure Touring Caravan Insurance

Cover options 

Choice of cover 
Low £100 excess

Insurance for touring caravans

New for old cover – for up to 5 years from new. 
Loss or damage – fire, flood or theft.
Accidental damage cover – panels, windows, frame. 
Public liability – up to £2 million. 
European use – (60 with standard cover).


Up to 25% NO claims

Trustpilot Rating 4.0
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Details of excess, discounts etc. may change over time, to our best knowledge the details are correct up to May 2022.

* Trustpilot & Feefo star ratings provided as a guide, ratings are checked and updated monthly. 

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Touring Caravan Insurance Checklist

Touring caravan insurance companies generally offer a choice of insurance cover from cheaper basic cover, to more comprehensive policies that provide more enhanced cover and options, standard touring caravan insurance should typically include:

  Accident Damage Cover – insurance for general damage while the caravan is in use or stored, road accident damage (usually included if not listed, check with insurer). 
 Storm & Flood Damage Cover – insurance for any damaged caused by weather or flooding (usually included if not listed, check with insurer).
Fire & Theft Cover  – insurance for fire damage and theft of your caravan whether from your home, a campsite or storage facility (usually included if not listed, check with insurer). 
Contents Cover – cover for your personal belongings in your caravan: TVs, laptop, clothes etc. 
 Third Party Liability Cover – cover for damage or accidents that involving a third party, insures you for claims made against you and your caravan (usually included if not listed, check with insurer). 

Many caravan insurance policies also allow you choose enhanced cover so you have options to add additional cover if it is not included in your policy, options include:

❓ Equipment cover – some caravan insurance include equipment within contents cover, however not all policies do this and you may need to add equipment cover for awnings, generators, gas bottles, wheel clamps and other camping equipment.
❓ New for old – if your caravan is under a certain age (typically up to 5-10 years from new) your insurer may cover the caravan with new replacement of same/similar specification, know as ‘New for old’ cover. If not included in the standard policy it might be available as an option of enhanced cover. If you already have caravan insurance ask your existing provider if you have new for old cover included, or how much it would cost to add it to your policy.
❓ European use – if you plan to take your caravan on holiday in Europe you should check wether your insurance policy includes EU cover (most policies list this and provide the number of days cover included). If European cover is not included most touring caravan insurance policies will provide the option to add EU cover for a one-off trip of for a set period of time (at additional cost). 

How can I save money on my touring caravan insurance?

Touring caravan insurance discounts – most caravan insurance companies will offer discounts if you take some basic security precautions. For many touring caravan insurance policies adhering to certain security measures is a requirement within the terms & conditions of the insurance cover. Some simple measures you can take to reduce your annual or monthly touring caravan insurance premium include (click toggles for more info): 

Check whether your caravan insurance provider offers a premium discount for fitting caravan security devices. Most touring caravan insurers will offer a discount if you have an alarm, tracker or security device, or a combination of these fitted, examples of security devices include:

Many caravan insurers require caravans to be stored securely when not in use, there are numerous secure caravan storage facilities across the UK.  Some insurance providers will offer discounted premiums if you store your caravan at an inspected or verified storage facility. 

CaSSOA Secure caravan storage facilities are individually inspected and rated Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze. (see our Caravan Security Guide )

If you store you caravan at home your caravan insurance provider will probably have some guidance on how you should secure your caravan, whether by fitting security devices or by requesting your caravan is secured by perimeter fencing. 

Joining a nationally recognised caravan and camping club can bring a host of benefits including caravan insurance discounts. Many caravan insurance providers will offer discounts to members of The Caravan & Motorhome Club, The Camping & Caravanning Club and some other organisations.

Touring Caravan Insurance FAQs?

Touring caravan insurance premiums are calculated on an assessment of risk – the more at risk you are of making a claim, the more you’re likely to have to pay for your caravan insurance. Caravan insurers consider various factors including:

  • The type of caravan you own – the more expensive or desirable your caravan is determines how much your caravan insurance premium costs. If you buy or own a top of the range new tourer you will pay a higher premium than if you were insuring an older second hand caravan.
  • Where your caravan is kept or stored and how secure it is – the safer and more secure your caravan is, the more competitive your caravan insurance premium is likely to be. e.g. if you store your caravan at a secure site or CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners Association) facility, this can lower your caravan insurance quote, however secure storage facilities can be expensive, so as always it’s about weighing up the pros and cons.
  • Your driving record, past claims history – a points free licence and a zero, or low claims history can help you secure a lower premium.
  • Your towing experience – the longer you’ve been towing a caravan (with zero claims), the less risk will be associated with you and the less you are likely to pay for touring caravan insurance.
  • Membership of a caravan club – many caravan insurers offer premium discounts to members of the UK Caravan & Camping clubs. Insurance discounts from caravan & camping club membership can cover the cost of annual membership, plus, club membership offers additional rewards like discounts off stays on UK & EU affiliated and club sites.

Policy Excess – Excess is the amount payable in order to make a claim, this can vary greatly from £0 to over £100. Usually you pay an excess for each claim, the insurer will cover the remaining amount (or an agreed amount depending the full terms and conditions of each policy).  

Touring caravan insurance can vary from one provider to another and individual policies, typically touring caravan insruance should cover for:

  • Theft of both your caravan and your possessions.
  • Fire cover
  • Storm & adverse weather cover
  • Damage or vandalism internally and externally.
  • Injury or damage to other people and their property (third-party liability). 

In most cases, you’ll also be able to add on extra features to your caravan insurance policy depending on your individual needs e.g. many policies include options to add European cover for towing your touring caravan in Europe.


It is important to be aware that many policies have exclusions – events not covered by your policy or standard touring caravan cover can include:

  • Damage from general wear and tear – e.g.  your insurance is unlikely to cover for an old water heater or cooker that stops working because it’s old.
  • Damage from owner negligence – e.g. your insurance is unlikely to pay out if you have left a door unlocked or a window open and your caravan  contents have been stolen or  damaged.
  • Damage from vermin or animals – this could be chewed pipes causing leaks or damage to furnishings and 

Exclusions & Conditions – These are set by individual insurers and often vary from one insurance company to another, so it always pays to check whether each caravan insurance policy is suitable for your needs.

Caravan insurance isn’t compulsory in the UK, however if you risk going without a separate touring caravan insurance policy you are unlikely to be covered by a car insurance policy so if you are involved in an accident and your caravan is damaged or written off, or if your caravan is stolen you will not be able to make a claim.

Caravan insurance is there to protect you from financial loss and can compensate you for a range of events including theft.

It’s crucial to know that you can’t rely on your car insurance to pay for damage to your caravan – even if you have comprehensive cover. If your caravan is involved in an accident, car cover policies only offer third-party protection, in other words, your insurer will pay for damage done to other people’s property but won’t cover repair costs for your caravan. Similarly, car insurance won’t compensate you if your caravan is damaged or stolen while separated from your car.