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Break down cover for tow vehicles, caravans & trailers

It’s not compulsory to have roadside assistance and break down cover for cars towing caravans or trailers, however it is a wise choice if you do a lot of travelling. Many car and vehicle breakdown and recovery plans now include complementary recovery of a towed caravan or trailer (if attached to a tow vehicle when it breaks down). Cover usually applies to various towed items including: touring caravans, trailer tents, trailers & horse box trailers. 

Compare car, caravan & trailer breakdown cover

Annual roadside assistance and breakdown recovery starts from as little as £20 per year for cheap basic local recovery (to the nearest garage or repair centre). Most breakdown cover quotes allow you to get vehicle specific cover or cover for driver or drivers (cover for the driver in any vehicle).

All the breakdown & roadside recovery services featured below offer car breakdown cover with caravan or trailer recovery included as standard, or with the option to add caravan or trailer recovery to the policy. 

Caravan breakdown cover (vehicles towing a caravan or trailer)

GEM Motoring Assist Breakdown

Recovery Reclaim – from £78.50 year Cover for individual driver / Or cover for the vehicle (any driver).
Recovery Extra – from £96.66 year Cover for individual driver / Or cover for the vehicle (any driver).

Caravan Recovery Included

Caravan or trailer attached to tow vehicle
– Caravans up to 7m in length
– Trailers up to 3.05m in length
12 months for the price of 10

4.5 stars: Excellent

Trustpilot 4.5

Cover My Breakdown

Vehicle Cover (any driver) / Driver Cover (personal cover in any vehicle up to 4 people)
Local Recovery – vehicle £19.81 / driver £33.36 year
National Cover – vehicle £21.97 / driver *£38.34 year
National & Home – vehicle £22.82 / driver £39.97 year
European Cover – vehicle £57.94

*Home cover available for a small additional fee.

Caravan Recovery Included

Caravan or trailer attached to tow vehicle
– Caravans up to 7m in length
– Trailers up to 3.05m in length

4.5 stars: Excellent

Trustpilot 4.5

Motoring Assistance UK Breakdown

Flexible policy, chose personal cover or vehicle cover, number of vehicles etc.
Saver Membership / Premium Membership / Premium Plus Membership

Single vehicle from £48 year with roadside assistance and national recovery / Or from £88 for personal cover (cover in any vehicle you are driving).

*Home cover available for a small additional fee.

Caravan Recovery Included
Caravan or trailer attached to tow vehicle
– Caravans & Trailers 7m max length / 2.44m max width

Details of excess, discounts etc. may change over time, to our best knowledge the details are correct up to May 2022.
* Trustpilot & Feefo star ratings provided as a guide, ratings are checked and updated monthly. 

Disclaimer: ‘Caravans Insured’ does not recommend an individual breakdown and recovery provider above another. If you choose to purchase breakdown and recovery,  cover will be provided directly by the chosen provider and subject to their terms & conditions.

Car, caravan & trailer roadside assistance & breakdown FAQs

NO – Car breakdown cover will often provide recovery of a towed touring caravan or trailer if it is connected to the tow vehicle that has broken down however caravan or trailer recovery is not always included as a standard feature. When it is not included as standard caravan or trailer recovery can usually be added as an optional extra. 

Typical breakdown assistance and recovery includes:

  • Roadside assistance: Covers call outs when you break down away from home.

  • Caravan/trailer recovery: Covers a towed caravan or trailer providing it was being towed at the time of breakdown. Caravan/trailer recovery will usually drop the caravan or trailer at repair garage with your tow vehicle. In some cases towing to an overnight location nearby if your tow vehicle cannot be fixed same day.

  • Onward travel cover: Covers temporary cost of a hire car, public transport or overnight accommodation so you can continue your journey where possible.

  • Home start: Covers breakdowns that happen at your home. 

Cheaper breakdown cover often only provides local recovery (recovery to the nearest garage or repair centre), each breakdown provider has different terms but usually up to 10 miles from where you broke down.

National recovery provides vehicle recovery to a chosen location, this could be back to your home or on to your final destination if you prefer.

It all depends on the level of cover, each policy is different. Check the full details or T&Cs of your cover, they should specify how many call outs you are allowed to make. Premium break down cover might allow for unlimited call outs, whereas cheaper basic policies might only allow one per month or fewer.

Usually yes, if you have break down cover with caravan/trailer recovery, your recovery service should arrange to take your caravan to the garage with your car. Some policies will allow for a caravan to be towed separately to the nearest campsite if your tow vehicle is unable to be fixed on the same day. This is a good option and allows you to overnight in your caravan while your vehicle is being fixed.

Most companies/ breakdown assistance cover providers offer specific ‘European’ cover, or the ability to add European breakdown cover as an optional extra. It can also be added at a later date, at extra cost, by calling your breakdown recovery provider to request it is added for one-off holidays or trips. 

Even if you think you have European cover it is always best to check with your service provider before you travel to confirm whether your cover will include recovery of your caravan or trailer should you break down while on holiday in Europe.

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